Equine Parentage and Animal Genetic Services Centre

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Massey University's Equine Parentage and Animal Genetic Services Centre (EPAGSC) offers the most comprehensive range of DNA-based genetic testing for animals in New Zealand and we are the only organisation to offer equine blood-typing in Australasia. Our genotyping services comply with the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG). 

Christmas & New Year holiday closedown - reopen 5th January 2021

We close for the holiday break at 12pm Friday 18 December and open again at 8am on Tuesday 5 January 2021.

Incoming packages will be redirected/delivered to the University's mailroom during this period.

Online Ordering is now live

All requests for testing are submitted using our online ordering site. This allows us to keep better track of  both your samples and the testing that you require for each sample. Submit your order online here: https://epagsc.myshopify.com/

Requesting a test

White alpaca looking at camera

Alpaca, LLAMA & camel

Our main test for camelid species is genotyping - primarily for parentage verification/analysis.

Sample requirements for alpaca/llama/camel testing is a blood card.

Tests cost NZ$50 per sample.

    Blue and white budgie


    Genetic tests include sexing and PBFD screening.  For veterinary services, we provide chlamydia and malaria detection.
    We can now perform DNA-based sexing on Ostriches and Emu

    Avian sample instructions.pdf (356 KB)

    four black cattle in front of windmills on Massey''s Tuapaka Farm


    We offer cattle (bovine) testing including genotyping for parentage verification and some genetic disease screening tests.

    All cattle tests require hair or blood samples.  Semen samples are accepted with a $10 surcharge per straw. 


    We offer a wide range of equine testing, from DNA profiling, genotyping and parentage verification to coat colour testing and genetic disease screening.
    Herd of crowded sheep in a pen

    SHEEP & Goats

    Genotyping/Parentage Analysis is now available for introductory price of NZ$35 per hair or blood card sample.

    We also offer testing for spider-lamb syndrome (SLS) in Suffolk sheep. This test costs NZ$30 per animal and requires a blood sample in EDTA.

    Jack Russell running toward camera


    We offer Genotyping/Parentage analysis, DM, EIC, HSF4, HUU and PRA-PRCD. We accept samples of either pulled hair, buccal (cheek) swabs, semen or a blood card.

    If your required test isn't listed please contact us.  

    EPAGS permit to import restricted biological products - must be included with all sample submissions from outside New Zealand

    EPAGS- MPI permit to import restricted biological products of animal origin.pdf (50 KB)

    Other tests or animals

    If you have requirements for animals or tests that are not specifically mentioned on this page please get in touch with us below and let us know what you need.

    Testing for registration purposes

    Animals being tested for registration purposes may need to be submitted through your breed association or society.  If you do not already have one or are unsure, please talk to your relevant breed association or society regarding their specific requirements.

    Get in touch with us

    If you have any questions please contact Michelle Fremaux (Centre Director) on (06) 951 6472 or contact us below.

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    Terms & Conditions of Testing

    Massey University accepts no liability for the accuracy of animal's information which is supplied by the sample submitter.  All efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of the reported results and the information contained therein.   Massey University expressly disclaims any and all liabilities contingent or otherwise that may arise from the use of the these results.

    Unless we are advised otherwise, Massey University deems that the sample(s) submitted are the property of the submitter.  Sample(s) will only be tested for the tests selected by the submitter. 

    Our expertise and tests

    DNA genotyping

    DNA genotyping

    Used for identification, parent verification and registration.

    Genetic screening tests

    Genetic screening

    These tests detect inherited diseases.

    Avian DNA testing

    Avian DNA

    Used for sex determination and screening of infectious diseases in domestic and native birds.

    Equine blood typing

    Blood typing

    Identify suitability of blood donors and help to identify foals/mares at risk of neonatal isoerythrolysis (NI)

    Coat colour screening

    Coat screening

    Used to help with prediction of coat colour in foals and predisposition to some inherited diseases.